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you install security.
they integrate their lives.

Give your customers the freedom to arm and disarm their security systems anytime, anywhere—takeover with Telguard and HomeControl Flex today!

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Takeover Toolkit

HomeControl Flex allows you to meet the growing demand for interactive services. And with Telguard’s dealer-first approach, you save on support costs. End users integrate their lives for free with IFTTT, and you watch your RMR climb.

Using a free mobile app and the FlexHub Z-Wave controller, Telguard alarm communicators mesh seamlessly with today’s smart homes. Combined with optional wire-free HD cameras from Arlo and Amazon Alexa integration, Telguard takeovers are comprehensive. So go ahead, flex you independence and takeover with Telguard today.

Connects your customers

Allows end users to easily and affordably connect their wearables, cars, daily habits, work schedules and more to their security systems

Easily integrated

Integrates with all Telguard universal communicators

Personalized marketing

Features a customizable portal, utilizing your dealer logo and brand

Tons of uses

Works with ever-expanding list of consumer products and services – lights, locks, thermostats and many more

HomeControl Flex

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Put peace of mind in the palm of your customers’ hands with HomeControl Flex. End users can arm and disarm their security systems anytime, anywhere using their smartphone, computer or tablet.

HomeControl Flex is available with all Telguard universal communicators. It allows your customers to integrate hundreds of smart-home products and web services with their security systems using the free Internet of Things (IoT) services of IFTTT. IFTTT is a service that lets consumers create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that.

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“Alexa, boost my RMR”

HomeControl Flex now works with Amazon Alexa.

When end users connect Z-Wave devices to their security systems using HomeControl Flex, they can take advantage of hands-free Amazon Alexa controls.



Your customers want interactive services. You want a stress-free takeover and reduced support costs. That’s exactly why we created HomeControl Flex. Learn more about the experience you can offer your customers.

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